The 2019 season welcomes changes to the school grades previously known as C, D & E grade. C & D grade are replaced by 'Secondary Schools A' and 'Secondary Schools B', with E grade replaced by 'Intermediate' grade. While these grades still have a suggested age group, it allows players to play in the Secondary A or B competition best suited to their level, at the committees discretion.

The 2019 Secondary Schools A & B Grades will also start the season 3 weeks earlier on the 25th March 2019, with the competition running for 14 weeks. As our U15, U17 & U19 rep team tournaments are all held early in the year, this gives our players game time before tournament. 'Secondary Schools A' players may also be eligible to play in our open seniors A grade competition, at the committees discretion.

The 2019 A, B & Intermediate season will begin the 29th April 2019, running for 14 weeks.

There will be finals for all grades on Saturday 24th August 2019.

Online entries are via the Basketball New Zealand SportsTG registration system. A guide to the process is available below. Online registration requires players to be registered online before week two of the competition.

Important Dates:  
Secondary Schools A & B Grades:  
Team Entries Due: 15th March 2019
Start of Competition: 25th March 2019
A, B & Intermediate:  
Team Entries Due: 5th April 2019
Start of Competition: 29th April 2019
All Player Registrations & Payment Due: 10th May 2019 (School subs to be invoiced)
Finals for all grades: Saturday 24th August 2019



Entry Information and ESBA League Rules - Local rules, season dates, prices etc.

Player Code of Conduct - You must agree to our player code of conduct to play in our league.

SportsPulse Registration Guide - How to use the new registration system.

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