Q: I'm new to the area and would like to play basketball or miniball, how do I get involved?

A: Our miniball season and junior grades (Secondary A, Secondary B & Intermediate) are organised via your school and only available to school age kids. Enquire at your school about joining a team. If your school does not have a team available, please contact us directly. Our A and B grades and social league are open grades to all adults and organised directly with ESBA. If you don't have a team, email our secretary or private message us on Facebook and we will do our best to find a team for you in our A, B and social league grades.


Q: How can I pay my sub, stadium hire or registration fee for special events?

A: Any payments to ESBA can be made via internet banking. Please include your full name and what the payment is referring to. Our bank account details are: Eastern Southland Basketball Association: 03 0915 0261743 00


Q: How do I organise hiring the stadium for practice?

A: Our stadium is $20 per hour for members to hire. Check our Bookings Calendar to see if the stadium is available then contact one of our committee members below to make your booking, ideally giving 24 hours or more notice. This also applies to all keytag / code holders - you must book the stadium before using it. You will be provided with an electronic 'one time' code for your booking once confirmed that will open the main front door. Payment can be made via internet banking using the above details.

Secretary - 027 600 ESBA                Peter - 027 454 5113                Erin - 027 208 0262               


Q: How do I get selected for an Eastern representative team to attend tournaments?

A: To be eligible to play for an Eastern Miniball, U14, U16 or U18 team you must be a current player in one of our local grades. These rep teams will be selected from trials which are held at various times during the year depending on the age group. As a general indication U16s & U18s trials are usually Jan/Feb and U14's around May/June. Miniball rep team trials are later in the year during our miniball season - Oct/Nov. Details for all trials will always be advertised on our website and listed in our 'Upcoming Events' calendar with as much notice as possible. Our Eastern Men's & Women's teams are selected from our local A grade players around May. When necessary the coach and selectors may name up to 3 players from outside our organisation, subject to committee approval.


Q: What height is the basketball hoop?

A: For all basketball grades, the hoop height is 3.05m (10ft). For miniball the hoop height is 2.4m (7.9ft).


Q: What size basketball is used for each grade?

A: A & B grade men, secondary A and secondary B grade boys all use a size 7 basketball. Intermediate boys use a size 6 basketball. A & B grade women, secondary A and secondary B grade girls all use a size 6 basketball. Intermediate girls use a size 5 basketball. All miniball grades use a size 5 basketball.


Q: I'm interested in coaching a team but don't have a lot of experience, how do I get started?

A: We have a coach and player development group dedicated to helping all new coaches. Email our secretary or private message us on Facebook to register your interest, or talk to your school Basketball coordinator. We can pair you up with an experienced coach to get you started, teach you the skills necessary to train players and support you along the way.


Q: I'm interested in refereeing but don't have any experience, where do I start?

A: We have a referee development group dedicated to helping all our referees - from a new referee through to ongoing training for our senior referees. We're always looking for new referees and welcome anyone of any skill level. Please email our secretary or private message us on Facebook to register your interest. One of the first stages is getting to know some of the basic rules and referee hand signals - check out our Training Resources page for rules and referee hand signals. Our referee training group will be in touch to discuss training options.


Q: I've seen the sponsor advertising boards in the stadium - how much are they and how do I get one?

A: Our advertising boards are a 5-year contract - Small boards (1200X1800) are the board fee of $474 +gst for the first year, and $300 +gst annually after this. Large boards (1200X3300) are the board fee of $869 +gst for the first year and $450 for the following years. You own the sign at all times and if you discontinue sponsorship the sign is yours to take and use elsewhere. Email our secretary or private message us on Facebook to register your interest.


Q: I'm interested in helping the committee, how do I go about it and what would I end up doing?

A: We welcome all volunteers who feel they can contribute something positive to helping us grow the game here in Eastern Southland. Tasks can vary from being a part of monthly meetings, building maintenance and maintaining our carpark, running our website, assisting with running leagues and tournaments etc. Please email our secretary or private message us on Facebook to register your interest.


Q: I would like to make a complaint about a player, coach, referee or another situation. How do I go about it?

A: We request all complaints are put in writing and emailed to our president - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or posted to our PO Box. In the event the complaint is regarding the president, please email it to our secretary. All complaints are taken seriously and will be discussed at a committee meeting. You will also be notified of the outcome.


Q: Where can I view Eastern Southland Basketball Associations Constitution?

A: Our constitution is available online by clicking here.

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